Kota the Friend "PROTEA" - Vinyl

Kota the Friend "PROTEA" - Vinyl

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Emerging from Brooklyn, Kota The Friend pours forth a revitalizing cascade of summer vibes encapsulated within his latest vinyl masterpiece, "Protea." Unveiling a treasure trove of 16 meticulously curated tracks, this album adeptly showcases Kota's innovative fusion of pop and house music, inviting listeners to embark on a captivating sonic journey. 

1. Super 8 (feat Wolftyla)

2. Nola II (feat. Allen Stone & Tarriona 'Tank' Ball)

3. Red Lights (feat. Hello O'Shay)

4. The Good (Interlude)

5. Fireplace (feat. Jennifair)

6. Hope You Heal

7. Barcelona (feat. Samm Henshaw)
8. Forget About It (feat. Zak Abel)

9. The Bad (Interlude)

10. Protea

11. Super Rare (Hello O'shay)

12. Keep Me Goin

13. Junipero Beach (Interlude)

14. Nobody

15. Autumn in Paris (feat. Braxton Cook)

16. Road Rage (feat. Aloe Blacc)


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