Kota the Friend Features on Nahko and Medicine for The People's 'OK'

Nahko and his band, Medicine For The People have added a special guest to their standout single OK: none other than Brooklyn lyricist Kota the Friend. A key fixture from their September 20123 album Trenches, OK offers a distinctive blend of folk, reggae, and soul, setting a musical backdrop tailor-made for Kota’s laidback delivery. 

The lyrics delve into the complexities of mental health, acknowledging that some days are not okay, but ultimately celebrating the acceptance of this truth. Nahko's candid verses reflect a genuine vulnerability, acknowledging the weight of emotional struggles while maintaining optimistic undertones.

Kota The Friend's contribution adds a layer of depth and resonance to the track. His trademark delivery and sound blend seamlessly, offering a reassuring voice in the narrative. His verse is a testament to resilience, emphasizing the transient nature of pain and the strength found in enduring tough times:

“Mama say the storm gon' pass, is you gonna hold up/when the weather get bad, is you gonna fold up/I'ma be in my bag now, but you know what?/I'ma come back even stronger than I once was.” - Kota the Friend

Released on World Mental Health Day, OK serves as a poignant reminder that it's perfectly acceptable to not always be okay. It's a musical embrace of imperfections, a testament to the power of self-discovery, and a celebration of the strength found in vulnerability. Nahko And Medicine For The People, alongside Kota The Friend, have crafted a track that not only resonates with the soul but also serves as a beacon of hope in challenging times.

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