A Conscious Collaboration Towards Sustainable Fashion

protea x dinner service new york collection


Kota the Friend has set the tone for an easygoing summer with his recent album PROTEA. His latest project has already amassed millions of streams and created a truly immersive listening experience. In conjunction with the release, Kota and fltbys have teamed up with Dinner Service New York (DSNY) for an exclusive merch collection, that seamlessly complements the album’s themes of love and appreciation. 

Beyond the artistic connection, fltbys and DSNY share a commitment to sustainability and responsible fashion practices. As explained by the DSNY team: 

"The capsule is designed using all plant-based inputs and no toxic chemicals in the dyes and finishes. Most importantly, it does not use any plastic/polyester. Our mission is to strip the use of plastics and toxins from the apparel supply chain. Having Kota aligned with us in this mission is powerful in spreading knowledge about this problem and offering a solution."

The PROTEA-inspired collection beautifully complements Kota's album narrative, which revolves around love and appreciation. The Protea flower, Kota's wife's favorite, takes center stage in the designs, symbolizing the importance of acknowledging and honoring those who genuinely love and understand us. The collection's aesthetics and storyline align effortlessly with the PROTEA’s motifs; a harmonious synergy between music and fashion.

The PROTEA collection includes 5 distinct pieces and will be supplemented with the vinyl album, which will be available soon.

fltbys protea t-shirt
protea lyocell yellow bowling shirt
protea lyocell pink bowling shirt

The artistic synergy between PROTEA and the fashion collaboration highlights the Brooklyn emcee’s commitment to authenticity and sustainability. The collaboration with Dinner Service comes from a place of mutual appreciation for honesty and genuine expression, as further described by a DSNY representative: 

“What we love about Kota, and why we initially wanted to work with him, is that he has unique transparency and authenticity as an artist. He is unapologetically himself, which makes fans feel connected to him in a way that transcends the boundaries of a typical artist/fan relationship.  Our goal as a brand is to be raw and authentic, and working with someone like Kota makes that easy for us.” 

The collaborative efforts between Kota the Friend, fltbys, and Dinner Service New York represent an intersection of authenticity, creativity, and sustainability. The collection not only captures the essence of the album but champions sustainable fashion practices along the way.

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