Kota the Friend: PROTEA


It’s officially Summer, at long last, thanks to Kota the Friend’s latest project, PROTEA. Packed with danceable beats, clever wordplay, and a dope lineup of collaborations, DJ Kota is here to usher in the perfect backdrop for an easygoing listening experience. 

“PROTEA’ is like a love letter expressing appreciation and admiration for the person that stood by me in my darkest hour,” said Kota. “The protea is my wife’s favorite flower and I wanted to create a piece of art specifically for her that stands the test of time. The artists that are featured on the album are people we listened to a lot when I was driving her to and from work. In that way, she helped me curate the album. I want this album to serve as a reminder to give people that stand by you their flowers. We have to show appreciation for the people that love us and uplift us at our most vulnerable.”

This time around, Kota's signature, heady lyricism, and smooth delivery collide with upbeat, dance-friendly production. Perfect for your BBQ playlist, poolside gathering, or road trip. Groove along with infectious melodies and the fltbys founder’s distinctive blend of chill-hop, R&B, and soul. PROTEA is the kind of record that was created with your lifestyle in mind. Setting the tone for a positive, creative, and energetic season. Reminding you to stay motivated and creative for the people who care about you most. And of course, encouraging you to stay INDEPENDENT, always. 

Red Lights (feat. Hello O’shay), Hope You Heal and Barcelona (feat. Samm Henshaw) served as PROTEA’s three lead singles and hinted at the brilliant artistic vision of the project. And today, that vision is fully realized:   

With guest appearances from WolfTyla, Alan Stone, Samm Henshaw, Zak Abel, Hello O’shay, Braxton Cook, and more, the album's tracks come alive with an eclectic fusion of styles and influences. Each collaboration adds a special flavor to the album, and because of that, no two songs sound the same. Kota's artistry shines through as he weaves together the contributions of these talented musicians, creating a soundtrack built to move us. 

And as always, Kota’s lyrics touch on themes of self-discovery, perseverance, and the pursuit of our innermost dreams. With storytelling that serves as a reminder to remain true to yourself, push the boundaries, and protect those important relationships in our lives. It’s a guiding light for fltbys fans seeking inspiration and a sense of purpose. 

Along with the release, we have an exciting merch announcement that will correspond with the album. Stay tuned for more details and get ready to make a statement with a PROTEA-inspired purchase.  


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